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We are an Irish owned company specializing in vehicle recovery and breakdown with tow trucks . We have been providing assistants since 2009.

Providing Vehicle Recovery all over Dublin and Meath, including: Jump Starts, Battery Replacements, Wheels Change, Fuel Top up and Vehicle diagnostics  

Our aim is to provide you with a fast, friendly, reliable and professional service covering the Meath , Dublin and Kildare districts however we transport vehicles across Ireland and the UK.

We are open  24 -7, 365 days a year, and we will be there to assist you within 30 mins, All our trucks are up to date and fitted with special breakdown tools and diagnostic equipment. including Jump Starts, Battery Replacements, Wheels Change, Fuel Top up

Our staff and drivers are friendly and fully trained in breakdown assistance, towing and recovery.

We will never leave you stranded. all the vehicle will be handled with care and consideration.

you and your vehicle are in safe hands .

Call us now on 087 116 1102.

24hr Towing & Recovery Services Kildare

24 hour Kildare Towing & Recovery services – it’s what we do! We provide all the recovery and towing services you would expect from a modern, nationwide towing service with an impeccable name. We have the equipment to cope with all types of lifts and crash recoveries. Our services and name are built on giving honest, reliable towing services to all customers to ensure that your bad day gets better, fast.

The Redbull Recovery team are the only number you need for all your towing and recovery needs. Our Kildare dedicated Towing Service team will come to you quickly, no matter the time or place you need us.

Our complete County Kildare specialising Recovery Service will collect your car and you, quickly and effortlessly. We can deliver nationwide, are always happy to help and do so for honest, prices.

For an exceptional towing service that will get to you quickly throughout County Kildare, call us, we will have you back on your way in no time!

24/7 Vehicle Towing and Recovery

RecoveryCC provides fast, efficient towing & recovery service in Kildare. We are fully insured and ready to help move your vehicle if you have the misfortune of breaking down or having an accident. With a response time of 30 minutes, we provide the quickest and most reliable towing and recovery service in Kildare.

24/7 Breakdown Assistance

We are fast, reliable, honest and helpful. We get to you quickly, resolve your problem and get you where you need to be – simple!

Phone us – we can help…it’s what we do!

Breadown Assistance

If you need fast, reliable breakdown assistance throughout County Kildare, look no further. We get a large portion of customers who require breakdown assistance, back moving in their own car. Our equipment and experienced professionals cater for a wide variety of common breakdown causes.

Towing & Recovery

We have the experience and equipment to aid with all aspects of towing and recovery. We cater for all types of vehicle – big and small. From accident recovery to specialised lifts, we are here to help. Our dedicated Kildare branch of The Redbull Recovery team, will get to you in record time, perform the lift and get your vehicle where it needs to be – effortlessly. We aim to be the number one towing and recovery company operating throughout Kildare and are happy to say that we are almost there!

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance can be as simple as a battery start and we do it all! We will get to any stranded motorist, wherever in Kildare you may be, in the fastest time possible, for the best rates, and provide the best roadside assistance possible – simple. Our Kildare team provide all types of roadside assistance including battery starts, tyre changes, radiator management, starter control, keys locked in vehicle and many, many more. There is not much we haven’t seen, recovered or towed.

Specialised Towing

Our Kildare based towing services can assist with all types of towing requirements including boats, bikes, crates and more. If you require and out of the ordinary towing service – we have the equipment and experience to help with all towing needs. If you would like honest, reliable advice on any aspect of specialised towing – just contact us, we are here to help!

The Redbull Recovery Kildare based unit is always here to help!

Our Recovery Service Includes:


  • Light Recovery
  •  Heavy Recovery (up to 10 ton)
  • Mini Bus
  • Vans
  •  4×4
  • Crashed and Broken Down Rental Cars
Our Breakdown Assistance Service Includes:


  • 24 Hour Breakdown Service
  • Tyre Repair
  •  Wheel Change
  • Battery Replacement
  • Fuel Top Up
  • Incorrect Fuel Draining
  • Other common roadside vehicle problems
We Are:


  • Full Insured
  • Fully Licensed
  • Experienced
  • Well Equipped
  • On call 24/7!

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